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To pull this off, it needed highly skilled technical and creative engineers, some pairs of extraordinary ears, a big portion of good ´metal taste´…

… and the guts to go down new routes.

The audio for both the Wacken Faster and Harder Stages were not only mixed on site in one room, but also remotely mastered and quality-controlled from our Cologne based studio.

Selecting numerous DirectOut Technologies products, the RRN team used six fully-equipped PRODIGY.MCs and PRODIGY.MPs, a couple of MADI.SRCs, two EXBOX.RAV, SPLIT.CONVERTORs, an EXBOX.MD, two M.1K2 to distribute and switch it all and six AVID ProTools systems to mix and record all shows.

We freely switched engineers between the stages depending on their taste, individual experience and their mixing history with the performing artists. There was no fixed allocation to ´one truck` as in the past.

The sound was amazing and as a bonus… we saved 1.6 tons of carbon doing it the sized down and remote way.

Yes - faster, harder, better!

photo by Tabitha Brandt



Projects · Inside the MixHub, we were using six ProTools systems to record, mix and master.

Two DirectOut M.1K2s served as central switching and distribution units and two PRODIGY.MPs in a redundant setup to connect with the RemoteMix/Mastering Room in Cologne and to distribute the transmission signals.



Projects · Our newly designed Stage Racks contain two fully-equipped PRODIGY.MCs that can take analogue, MADI, Dante, RAV and AVB signals.

Working very happily with DirectOut devices, Globcon simultaneously controlled production on stage, in the MixHub and to/from our studio in Cologne.

Backup recording was managed using Steinberg Nuendo Live 3 and the audience submix with a Yamaha DM3 which was also controlled via iPad from the Mix Room and same time with a second iPad in Cologne.

The Stage Rack is also designed to handle a 'worst case' back-up scenario, sending a reasonable stereo signal to the world should a catastrophe occur.



Projects · Globcon control for the PRODIGYs pictured on the left and the M.1K2 on the laptop.

The conference image shows Erik (on the left) in the Cologne-based Studio Krauthausen, our Mix HQ, controlling and mastering both stages.

Faster and Harder in a perfect acoustic environment.

Robbie Williams at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Breathtaking, energetic and pure magic!

Robbie Williams at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Projects · It was a great pleasure mixing the audio for the Telekom Live Stream alongside Robbie Williams' producer Richard Flack.

An extraordinary event - the artist's performance, the sound, the vision… a total work of art that will resonate with me for a long time.

Whilst we mixed live at the studio inside the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall with a spectacular view of the stage, Erik Gierich mastered 'live and remote' in the acoustically perfect, brand new Studio Krauthausen in Cologne. Recording and technical management by Sven Raff.

Thank you Matthias Baumgartner, Lars Boelker and your crew at the ´Elphi´ for your great support.
And of course a big Thank You to Telekom Deutschland and Live Nation for continuously relying on our experience and expertise.


Photo by Thomas Holz Showphotography.

Lollapalooza 2022

North and South

Lollapalooza 2022

Projects · Many thanks to Live Nation Hamburg and Telekom Germany for inviting us to manage the broadcast sound on North and South main stages at the Lollapalooza/Berlin 2022 festival.

Our new generation of talented engineers took full control of the faders remotely and at the venue. Erik Gierich and Alexandr Sitnikov (pictured) Remotely Mastered Live from Ballsaal Studios/Berlin whilst Jonas Gehrmann, Thomas Geiger, René Pinnau with Markus Winter and Björn Daheim assisting handled the audio at the venue. Head of IT was Karsten`Kasi`Heyn.

Broadcast Sound was produced by Peter Brandt, Charlie Bauerfeind and Sven Raff.

Many acts used our new Pre-Production mixing service which guarantees that the artists sound great from the very first note, even without a soundcheck.

Our new Pre-Production service combined with Remote Mixing/Mastering puts our broadcast sound quality into a class of its own and reinforces the fact that Mobile Sound Trucks are now a thing of the past.

Check out the VOD´s:

Wacken 2022

Faster and Harder

Wacken 2022

Many thanks to Live Nation Hamburg and Telekom Germany for inviting us to manage the broadcast sound on the Harder and Faster main stages at the Wacken 2022 festival.

The audio was produced in a unique, future-orientated mix of remote-controlled mastering, pre-produced mixing, and fully automated mixing that firmly puts the broadcast sound quality into a class of its own.

Many thanks to our sound team -
Sven Raff, Charlie Bauerfeind, Tommy Geiger, Karsten `Kasi`Heyn, Andy Zwirchmair, Andy Vieten and Peter Brandt.