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The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Other Side Of The Table · Part 2

A rucksack packed with high-tech gear is all it takes to record tracks for musicians in 2018… and the future. Not always the case, but happening much more often.

- a rucksack

- a mains distribution

- a Glyph harddrive

- a Telekom high speed connection

- a set of network-and audio cables

- a DirectOut Technologies Dante-Madi interface

- a pair of Ultrasone headphones

- a MacBook Pro

- and a good paperback book to read while the others are still setting up.

Stow away your luggage during taxi, takeoff and landing…

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Other Side Of The Table · Part 1

In the 'good old days' (the last time was in 2012), when we recorded superstars - artist, artist, artist, artist - on our favourite medium of analogue tape, we needed a big truck, lots of diesel, a huge mixing console, large crew and big budgets. 

European Perspectives

European Perspectives

The Other Side Of The Table ·  March 17, 2018 -

Europe, where are you going?  …business as usual?

These are strange and worrying times.

As international travellers for many decades we have crossed numerous borders, visited a huge number of countries around the world, met many open-minded people of all colours and creeds, experienced a variety of cultures and enjoyed the privilege of living in a peaceful community - but now we are concerned.

We have seen borders open up, walls come down, introduction of a common currency, the disappearance of bureaucracy, carnets and other logistical travel hurdles and the growth of the global village.

Ignoring what is happening in the US for a moment, it is hard to believe that the shutters are coming down again and Europe is taking a major leap backwards.

Let us hope that this potential Dystopia does not turn into reality and that soon we do not have to start again from scratch.

I recently discovered an old interview titled “Europäische Perspektiven” written by Fritz Fey of way back in 1989.
It feels good to appreciate these perspectives in our little 'audio-universe' and I personally, am happy to have had an international team of talent on-board now for many years.

Peter Brandt

-taken from our February 2017 newsletter

Image courtesy of Fritz Fey-